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Syd Mandelbaum founded the global award-winning, anti-poverty think tank, “Rock and Wrap it Up!” to honor his parents, Holocaust survivors. With 5,000 members in 500 cities and five countries, the organization feeds millions of hungry each year and teaches how to use contracts to obligate excess food from events. Syd graduated Brooklyn College. Receiving his BS and MA and taught high school earth science before going to work in the medical industry as a scientist. He received his MBA from Hofstra and served on his local school board for 12 years. While working as a consultant to Harvard’s Center for Blood Research, Syd co-founded a DNA forensic roundtable to assist law enforcement, invented micro measurement applications to help infertile women have a greater chance of conception, and introduced home run distance measurements to Major League Baseball. His work on fighting cancer translated into two Noble Prizes in Medicine for his members. He was awarded the 1999 National Points of Light Presidential Service Citation from President Bill Clinton for his community service. In July 2014, The White House again recognized his work through their Climate Data Initiative introducing the Whole Earth Calculator to quantify GHG emission and food statistics through Rock and Wrap it Up’s food and asset recovery efforts.