Five Tons of Food Recovered From MLB All Star Game


Rock and Wrap It Up! (RWU) and Major League Baseball (MLB) are celebrating their 10th year working together to recover food from the stadium and events surrounding the All Star Game presented by MasterCard. Food prepared but not served or sold is being recovered by Rock and Wrap it Up! and local agencies. RWU vets local agencies in each city, assuring that they have health certificates, transportation, and a large enough program to use the bounty.

Since 2007, through 2016, over 36,000 pounds of food have been recovered. Using the RWU Whole Earth Calculator (TM) mobile app, the recoveries translate to 30,000 USDA meal equivalents and using the newest EPA formulas, over 19,548pounds of CO2e reduction.

Major League Baseball has been in the forefront encouraging greening of stadiums in both construction and resource implementation. “It is win-win says Tom Brasuell, Vice-President of Community Affairs for MLB. Rock and Wrap it Up! already works with 24 of our franchises, recovering food from their stadiums after each home game.” MLB reached out to RWU after hearing about their work with the Detroit Tigers, the first team to develop a Sports Wrap! program in 2003. “ We were blessed to be contacted by Tiger Pitcher Mike Maroth and his wife Brooke in 2002” said CEO and Founder Syd Mandelbaum.“ Mike noticed food left in the clubhouse and wanted to feed Detroit s hungry. We worked together to make it happen. We now have 75 teams and stadiums throughout North America donating after each game.”

Here are the totals for 2016 All Star Game food recovery:
  • Petco -4,860lbs prepared food / beverage
  • Wild Thyme Catering -1200lbs Prepared food
  • Broadway Pier Beverages-10,000 lbs./ 6 pallets-1800 lbs.
  • B.T.S. Hospitality-5,000 lbs. prepared food
           Total: 21,060 lbs.
           Meals    17,550
           GHG CO2e reduction  11436 pounds