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Now in its 26th year, Rock and Wrap it Up! (RWU) is an award-winning anti-poverty think tank. We research, discover and nurture potential sources willing to share renewable assets. Our donors include touring bands, educational institutions, the hospitality industry, professional sports teams, hospitals and TV/film shoots throughout North America. We find and vet partner agencies that need and can share these resources with the poor. We encourage the use of the Whole Earth Calculator mobile application to access total pounds of food conversion to meals and greenhouse gas emission reduction which can be sent to social media sites. We strive to inspire our school partners to add Whole Earth Calculator Climate Literacy Lesson Plans to their academic studies, thereby enabling students to connect their actions to the reduction of poverty and carbon footprints. Our Mardi Bra Initiative raises awareness and encourages the collection of feminine hygiene products for at-risk teens and women.

All of our partners are protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act (Pub. L. No 104-210, 110 Stat. 3011(1996) as long as safe food handling is used. Through RWU, more than one billion meals have been recovered since 1991.

Recognized by the White House with a Point of Light Award and recipients of numerous EPA distinctions, we strive to re-earn these honors every day. 


160 bands that tour and include a stipulation in their contract requiring that food that is prepared but not served not go into landfill. We meet with Band management and they are encouraged to both green their tour and put RWU in their contract language. Most recently, we are doing food recovery with the Black Sabbath Tour, which is 40 cities and the Toby Mac Tour. Toby was lead singer of DCTalk in 2005-10 and participated in our program. Phish has joined us for their summer/fall tour


Since 1997, over 200 schools nation-wide have started Rock and Wrap it Up! School and Snack Wrap!Programs to empower administration and students to recover food and other assets from their schools. We identify and vet agencies that are in the position to recover food and assets. Increase food recovery potential by introduction of the Whole Earth Calculator and lesson plans. This year we have increased our programs dramatically. We now have in TN and NC alone 17 and 50 schools respectively. We met with the University of Colorado and they will look to increase food recovery at school to go along with the food recovered at football and basketball games. We have finished our newest series of Lesson plans for 7-12 grade: the Whole Earth Calculator Climate Literacy Lesson Plans. Aerosmith is the first band to allow their name and food recovery totals to appear in the lesson plans. We have also introduced these plans to the Science Advisor to the White House.


74 sports franchises in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MSL have partnered with Rock and Wrap It Up! to participate in Sports Wrap! Food that is prepared but not sold from home games concessions is recovered to feed the indigent. We work with Delaware North, Centerplate. Aramark, Legends and Levy Concessionaire. The NHL has all of their teams participate. We meet with the Stadium/arena Concessionaire and VP/Director of Community Relations for the Sports Franchise arranging recovery logistics.

We are starting new programs with the Houston Astros and restarting food recovery with the Colorado Rockies. We will recover from the 2016 MLB All-Star game in San Diego.In the NFL, we are starting a program with the Chicago Bears. In MLS, we have started recovery with soccers newest franchise, the NYC Football Club. We were included in the 2016 MLB Community Outreach Annual Report. We now have 74 franchises in all sports. We recovered 20,050 pounds of food from the 2016 MLB All Star Game, held in San Diego. We have partnered with the Pocono Raceway to recover food from their NASCAR races. We worked with the PGA Championship @ Baltusrol CC in Springfield NJ and the Greater Hartford Open @ Hartford,CT and recovered 21,000 and 10,000 pounds of food respectively.


We work with the film and television industry to green their locations by food recovery. 100 productions have used our services, mainly in LA and NY. Our partners include, Warner Brothers, SONY, NBC Universal, Paramount and ABC Families. We determine if we have the minimum amount of food made available to us at the locations where the projects are being filmed and partner them with local agencies to recover the food. We put freezers in spaces near kitchen.

We have met with Disney and Freeform in LA and they have joined Project It’s A Wrap! We will begin recovering food from at least 15 new productions over the next 6 months. We attended an Earth Angel event and met Mari Jo Winkler, producer of the new hit Martin Scorsese show VINYL. Mari Jo is presenting sustainability to HBO next week along with our material. We continue to recover from over 15 productions daily in LA and NY. Over 130 tv and film productions have participated in Project It’s A Wrap.

Hotel Wrap!

The Marriott, Sofitel, Grand Hyatt and Langham hotel chains are partnering to donate toilet paper, tissue boxes, shampoo, conditioner and unopened soaps to keep them out of landfill. We identify those Hotels wanting to further green their properties and partner them with local agencies.

We have added the Waldorf Astoria and Essex House to our recovery partners and will be adding additional high end hotels in the coming months. Over 20 hotels participate in our hotel asset recovery program.


RWU wrote the Federal Food Donation Act of 2008 (Pul. L. 110-247 122 Stat. 2314(2008) The Act encourages federal buildings to donate food from their restaurants, cafeterias and from outside rentals to feed our nation’s hungry. The original plan was to encourage states to adopt similar Acts. We now have an Advocate in TN State Legislature Kevin Brooks who has introduced the law in February 2016. The TN Food Donation Act was signed into law in April 27, 2016. We are currently reaching out to 49 states to act the Act. We continue to grow our sustainability footprint through continuous updates to our Whole Earth Calculator mobile app, our food recovery collection forms, our Hungerpedia North American compendium of food and asset recovery partners and new mobile apps to assist municipal coordination of supermarket waste recovery. The Whole Earth Calculator Mobile app has been updated by Eventmobi, co-creator to also calculate the GHG impact of composting.

Agencies that are listed in Hungerpedia are vetted by Rock and Wrap It Up! must have health certification or safe food handling certification, transportation, refrigeration, cell phones, storage and either have or support on-going anti-poverty/hunger programs.

Feed The Veterans

This program works to offer our national pantry/soup kitchen database, Hungerpedia, into the hands of veterans, their care-givers and national agencies who advocate for veterans and their families. There is no cost and it is available for free on our website. It also incentivizes passage of the new State Food Donation Act to put more food into the pipeline to feed more Americans who hunger in our country.


Starting in Yale New Haven Medical Center, Hospital Wrap! has expanded to 4 hospitals. Food recovery is coordinated by anti-poverty agencies. Started in New Haven CT, it has expanded to Dallas TX with dozens of new hospital to come on board this year.

We have been in contact with Touchpoint, a division of Compass Foods, and together we are working to have a pilot in one of their hospitals in Chicago. We currently have 5 hospitals

Mardi Bra and Hannah’s Project

There is a huge need for feminine hygiene products and they are not covered by SNAP or food stamps. Using Mardi Gras as a time and destination vehicle, Mardi Bra events work to collect and share these products at parties throughout the United States and give them to anti-poverty agencies. Collections continue at colleges, schools, stores and businesses during the entire year to have these items always available for at-risk teens and women. A similar project for Middle and High Schoolers named Hannah’s Project has been introduced and has been adopted by teen groups including Girl Scouts.

Both of these initiatives continue to grow across America. We successfully launched in 20 cities on Mardi Gras Night with over 16,000 tampons and liners collected at USC and locations in Orange County,CA. Other highlights were at Pace University, Harvard College, Brooklyn College, Yoga Journey Kula at the Wyndham Hotel in Boca Raton, Fla and 20 collection sites at the Salvation Army of Chicago. Last week, North Shore Yeshiva’s Lisa Septemis, a faculty advisor for the senior class launched Hannah’s Project, our first HS program in Lake Success, NY and Stella Abraham Yeshiva for Girls in Hewlett, NY also launched a collection program. Both Nassau and Suffolk County Girls Scout have partnered with us to expand collection potential. We have contacted the Girl Scouts of Greater NYC and will work with their Troops to set up programs. We have also reached out to Boy Scouts of America to launch Samson’s Project, donations of new boys and men’s socks and underwear for at-risk boys and men. Adelphi University has become the first to allow leftover meal money to be used to purchase tampons/liners for donation.

Syd Mandelbaum, MA, MBA
CEO and Founder
Rock and Wrap It Up!