Whole Earth Calculator with Lesson Plans: Updated

Rock and Wrap It Up! has launched an updated Whole Earth Calculator, a simple mobile app that resides on a mobile-friendly website and can be used on both mobile and laptop/desktop devices. Using EPA datasets and based on information from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and USDA, the Whole Earth Calculator converts the total pounds of paper products and plastics that are diverted from landfills into the amount of carbon dioxide that is not produced as a result, and then sends this information to social media (Twitter). The tool can also be used to convert total pounds of donated food into meal equivalents and carbon dioxide averted equivalents.


L to R: Jim Spellos, RWU Board Member, Atalie Ebersole, RWU Board Member, Franz Hochstrasser, White House Executive Office of the President Deputy Associate Director Council on Environmental Quality, Syd Mandelbaum, RWU Founder, Diane Mandelbaum, RWU VP


Endorsed by the White House and Rock Stars

Rock and Wrap It Up! met with the White House Council on Environmental Quality Deputy Associate Director Franz Hochstrasser at Jackson Place, next to the White House. The White House has issued a press release naming Rock and Wrap It Up! as a key partner in agricultural environmental sustainability. Convene Magazine has highlighted this partnership.

President Obama’s directive last year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is now embodied in a mobile app which converts pounds of food into total meals and greenhouse gas emission reduction statistics. The mobile app, named The Whole Earth Calculator, was launched in February 2014 with the NFL to calculate food recovery efforts and environmental impact for Superbowl 48, held in Met Life Stadium. Further discussion revolved around the new curricula written to support the app for high and middle schools. Lawrence (New York) High School Dr. Stephen Sullivan helped write the curricula, The Whole Earth Calculator Lesson Plans, introduced nationally this summer. It is the next generation teaching tool to sensitize the needs to increase food donations to the poor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Aerosmith and the Allman Brothers Band have endorsed the Whole Earth Calculator and are featured in the scholastic lesson plans.

Updated Lesson Plans are Available, Featuring Aerosmith

Four Guilford County schools in North Carolina implemented the lesson plans and began a food recovery program. Read the report by Laura Oxner and Jennifer Fountain: RWU_ Guilford_NC_School_Program_2014_food_recovery_report

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RWU 2016 Global Climate Change

Whole Earth Calculator Supports Our Mission

Rock and Wrap It Up! was the first anti-poverty think tank to tie together food recovery and greenhouse gas emission reduction. Our mantra, reducing the poverty footprint by reducing the carbon footprint remains our goal.

Currently our partners/sectors in asset and food recovery include music, sports, tv/film production, hospitals, hotels and schools. They are supplied with statistics including pounds recovered with meal equivalents and greenhouse gas emission reduction through embedded spreadsheets. Food that is prepared but not served or sold is recovered and given to the indigent across the US and Canada. The data which is supplied by Rock and Wrap It Up! is currently put on websites and reported to management.

The RWU Whole Earth Calculator is a mobile phone/tablet application which converts pounds of food donated to the poor into total meals and CO2 reduction statistics. The Whole Earth Calculator is not a downloadable tool but a non-native, web-based app. The statistical data can be reported in English or metric units. The application supports social media handshakes. i.e., tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook. More importantly, data collected is captured virtually and recorded on RWU donor spreadsheets for statistical analysis and marketing purposes. RWU has partnered with the United States Departments of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency, participating in their Food Waste Challenge Programs. The RWU Whole Earth Calculator application will further increase the inclusion in the Food Waste Challenge of food donor participants across the country.

The Rock and Wrap It Up! School Program will be expanded by the utilization of the application. Both science and economic curricula is being developed to accompany these applications for use in the school community. Students will be sensitized to keeping food waste out of land fill and new tactics to feed the poor. The application will increase food recovery and promote further positive environmental outcomes.